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dog clothing, collars, leashes, shampoos and soaps, health care and grooming supplies

Pet Supplies in Richmond, British Columbia

Besides our excellent grooming options, we also offer a variety of pet care products. If you have a question about our selection, just ask – our friendly and highly experienced staff can help you find the right products for your dog. We have a wide assortment of pet products from around the world, including:

●  Dog clothing

●  Collars

●  Leashes

●  Pet-friendly shampoos and soaps

●  Dog health care supplies

●  Grooming supplies

We are proud to carry the following brands:

why is grooming so important
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Monkey Daze (USA)
● Mimile (Japan)
Foufoudog™ (Canada)
Susan Lanci Designs (USA)


Collars and Leashes

Silverfoot (Canada)
Tenny (Japan)
26 Bars and a Band™ (USA)
Lola & Foxy (USA)
Susan Lanci Designs (USA)

grooming products

Grooming Products

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