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pet grooming

Professional Groomer in the Lower Mainland

No matter what age, size or coat type, your dog needs to be groomed regularly to promote his overall health and to keep him comfortable – a well-groomed dog is a happy dog. We can work with you to create a grooming schedule that fits your family’s lifestyle and your pet’s coat type. After each grooming session, we will update you on any noticeable changes such as skin problems or infestations, so that you can spot any signs of illness early.

Our grooming services include:

●  Grooming

●  Nail trimming

●  Ear cleaning

●  Plucking and pad trimming

Grooming at Home

In between grooming sessions, we recommend grooming your dog regularly at home. Daily brushing and combing removes mats and debris from the pets’ coats and can be another way to bond with your dog. It’s important to use proper brushing and clipping methods to ensure your dog stays comfortable. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have about how to properly brush and clip your pet.

our grooming rates vary from breed to breed
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